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A tiny drop of water washed away the land and buildings fell, floating away with other people's dreams.


Roadways planned and formed by huge machines and men who sweat and hammer the world into shape, were pushed away with little effort.


People ran and cars clogged highways in an effort to stay ahead of the possible destruction that tiny drop of water could cause.


"Wait! "you say. "It was much more than a tiny drop of water. The streams overflowed and the rivers broke through their banks causing a wall of water to destroy those things."

这时有人说"等一等!还有比那一小滴水更可怕的呢!溪流已经溢出了河岸,马上就要将河坝冲垮啦! "

Yes, but it was made up of tiny drops of water. Raindrops which together wore a path right through my yard with little effort. One drop, then two,then thousands, millions and all together they changed the world , our world.


Can't you see the significance in that?


I want to change the world. I am tired, worn out from weeping at the sight of still another death not just on the field of battle laid out by warriors, but in the streets of every city, in the fields of the impoverished, desolate reaches of the world. They are dying in my country and yours by bullet, by starvation, disease, arrogance, stupidity and pride.


A tiny drop of water gave me hope.


I am but one drop in the sea of humanity, but like the rain I can join together with others and wash away the hatred and pain I anguish over. One drop, then two, then thousands, millions and all together we can change the world. our world.


I want to change my life. I am tired of being in debt. I am worn out from trying to keep pace with the world. I have tried my very best to get ahead and find myself falling behind each step of the way.


A tiny drop of water gave me hope.


It tell upon the hillside just behind my house. One single drop of water joined with others forming a stream.


Like trying one more time. Like doing one more thing. Like pushing one more inch to reach the goal, the dream I long to touch and make reality.


All my little efforts make big changes.


The little stream that ran down my driveway, never having been there before, began as one single drop, until one drop after another, trying again and again, washed the soil away and moved the tiny pebble and eventually the rock.


I cannot push away the fear nor change my life overnight, but if I dedicate myself to one single effort each and every day, I will see the power of changing little things to make a big difference.


A tiny drop of water gave me hope.


I am just one drop in the sea of humanity. But f have the power to change my life and the sacred obligation to move the world in the right direction.




One drop, then two, then thousands, millions and all together we change the world, our world.


A tiny drop of water gave me hope.



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